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Solar365 RGV is a leading provider of reliable and efficient solar energy solutions for residential and commercial clients in South Texas. They stay up-to-date on the latest solar industry news and trends to deliver cutting-edge solar panel installations that are optimized for energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Their solar remote monitoring services allow clients to keep an eye on their solar energy systems and ensure they are running at peak performance. Solar365 RGV is committed to quick and efficient solar panel installation and commissioning to minimize any disruption to clients' daily activities.

As one of the top solar providers in the region, Solar365 RGV has the expertise and experience to design and install custom solar panel systems that meet the unique energy needs of each client. Our main goal here is to bring solar awareness to our communities. We want to educate everyone about the solar industry and the benefits that come with it. We do not push sales we only educate

Here’s what stands Solar365 RGV apart from the rest of the competition:


Solar365 RGV partners with Titan, Jinko, LG, and Mission, all widely trusted solar panel manufacturers based in the U.S. that have repeatedly ranked highly in efficiency, quality, and innovation. As award-winning companies, they’ve created some of the industry’s most reliable, longest-lasting solar panels.

We proudly use their systems for both commercial and residential installations because we believe in providing our clients with the best products on the market.


With solar power on the rise, Solar365 RGV is rapidly expanding to keep up with demand. We frequently scout new areas to expand to, so if your location isn’t listed on our website, check again later or contact us to find out if we’re headed there soon.


Solar365 RGV makes going solar as feasible as possible for those who are interested. Not everyone has the funds to pay in full for their solar panel system, which is why we’ll work with you to create the best possible plan.

On a broad level, most of our customers will finance their solar system investment with no money down and a 0% interest rate. This eliminates the stress of initial out-of-pocket costs for households looking to go solar but concerned about initial down payments.

Our payment plans are typically below your energy savings from day one, and customers often reach full payback within five to 12 years.

There are also several federal solar panel incentive such as the solar tax credit, which applies to anyone going solar in the U.S. until 2023. State and local rebates and incentives are available as well, but you’ll have to do some research on which specific ones apply to you. Your utility company, the size and design of your PV system, local jurisdictions, and more all play a factor in the total cost of your investment as well as the financing plan we’ll create for you.


  • 25-year performance: Our acute monitoring ensures your solar panels will remain at their highest efficiency so that you’re getting the most out of your investment. If your system starts underperforming, we’ll be there to diagnose the issue and service it for free.

  • 25-year product: Our solar panels are built to last, but if something were to happen such as an accident or disaster, we’ll cover 100% of the repair and replacement costs, including shipping and labor.

  • 25-year workmanship: Solar365 RGV guarantees quality workmanship with our highly skilled in-house service staff consisting of licensed electricians and NABCEP-certified installation crews. We don’t subcontract any step of our installation process.


Since our founding, Solar365 RGV has gone to extensive lengths to achieve in-depth training, certifications, and expertise in solar panel installation, maintenance, and repairs.

With decades of experience in both standard residential and commercial solar installations, off-grid solar power wall and ground-mounted systems, solar carports, and much more, we can handle any project that comes our way.

We pride ourselves on giving the most reliable and attentive service in the industry to all of our customers because they’re our first priority. If our clients aren’t happy, neither are we, and we’ll do everything in our power to achieve their satisfaction.


If you choose to install solar panels, our commitment to you starts from our initial consultation and continues for the life of your system. Our 25-year power, product, and workmanship warranty ensures that your asset will produce returns for decades. We provide the strongest warranty because we believe that personal accountability creates quality customer service, and building relationships is the only way we grow.




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