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At Solar365 RGV, we partner with the leading solar panel and inverter manufacturers in the industry. We are proud to offer a range of top brands including SunPower, Jinko, LG, Generac, Panasonic, Tesla, Mission Solar, Enphase, and Solar Edge. Our team of experts will work with you to find the best solution for your residential or commercial solar needs. With our high-quality products and expert installation and maintenance services, you can trust that your solar system will be efficient and effective for years to come. Choose Solar365 RGV for your solar needs and join the growing number of customers who are taking control of their energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint.

"We believe clean energy and storage should be accessible to everybody. That's why SunPower designs all-in-one residential

solutions backed by personal customer service and the industry's most comprehensive warranty. And with over 35 years of dedicated solar experience, we're the only U.S.-based solar company that's been around longer than our 25-year warranty."

JinkoSolar (U.S.) Inc. provides comprehensive, industry-leading, locally based sales and support to solar and storage installers and owners across the United States and Canada. We strive to be the best company in the industry to work for and the most dependable and trusted partner we can be to our customers.

JinkoSolar is a global industry leader, publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2010, and the solar panel manufacturer of choice for developers, EPCs, installers, and financiers. Our vertically integrated manufacturing, financial stability, and operational efficiency have produced results that simply outpace the competition.

Founded in 2006, Enphase transformed the solar industry with our revolutionary microinverter technology which turns sunlight into a safe, reliable, resilient, and scalable source of energy to power our lives. Today, our intelligent microinverters work with virtually every solar panel made, and when paired with our award-winning smart battery technology, we engineer one of the industry's best-performing clean energy systems.

By leveraging world-class engineering capabilities, and with a relentless focus on innovation, SolarEdge creates smart energy solutions that power our lives and drive future progress.

SolarEdge is an Israeli company that develops and sells
solar inverters for photovoltaic arrays, energy generation monitoring software, battery energy storage products, as well as other related products and services to residential, commercial and industrial customers

Mission Solar Energy stands alone in the solar industry as a true American brand. Mission Solar modules are always U.S. made and built strong for harsh environments. We proudly manufacture on American soil—driving energy independence and investing in our San Antonio community. Our hardworking team calls Texas home and is devoted to producing high quality photovoltaic products.

Tesla solar panels are designed to be highly efficient, delivering maximum solar production year-round, even on roofs with complicated angles. Powered by
Tesla Solar Inverter, your fully integrated system is safe and reliable.

Your Powerwall can be bundled with solar, allowing you to generate clean energy and store it for use anytime—at night or during an outage.

At Panasonic, we believe technology can play a fundamental role in making the world a better place. That’s why our aim has always been to develop useful, high-quality products that have a positive impact on the world and enable our customers and employees to live their best lives.

Generac is a leading energy technology company that provides advanced power grid software solutions, backup and prime power systems for home and industrial applications, solar + battery storage solutions, virtual power plant platforms and engine- and battery-powered tools and equipment. Generac is committed to sustainable, cleaner energy products poised to revolutionize the 21st century electrical grid.

As the solar power contractor of choice in Texas we help people like you achieve the financial and environmental benefits of generating your own renewable power. Our clients are preserving natural resources while saving millions of dollars that can be invested or spent somewhere other than the utility company.




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