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At Solar365 RGV, we have participated in a wide range of commercial solar projects across various industries. Our team of professionals has extensive experience designing and installing customized solar panel systems for businesses of all types, including retail stores, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and many more. We understand that each business has unique energy needs, and we work closely with our clients to develop solutions that meet their specific requirements. We've also worked with a diverse range of businesses, including auto dealerships, furniture stores, healthcare facilities, and schools. Our comprehensive services include everything from project design and engineering to installation and ongoing maintenance.


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Solar365 RGV: The Leading Provider of Custom Commercial Solar Solutions in the Rio Grande Valley

Here are a few examples of recent commercial solar projects that will inspire you to make the switch

  1. South Texas College Technology Campus - McAllen, TX

    Our team installed a solar panel system on the roof of the South Texas College Technology Campus in McAllen. This project provided reliable and sustainable energy for the campus, significantly reducing their carbon footprint and demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability.

  2. Mercedes-Benz of San Juan - San Juan, TX

    We installed a solar panel system on the roof of Mercedes-Benz of San Juan, a local auto dealership. By doing so, they were able to significantly reduce their energy costs and reinvest back into their business to expand their operations.

  3. South Texas Health System - Edinburg, TX

    Our team installed a solar panel system on the roof of the South Texas Health System in Edinburg. This project provided reliable and sustainable energy for the facility, allowing them to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on energy costs.

  4. Mission Event Center - Mission, TX

    We installed a solar panel system on the roof of the Mission Event Center, a popular venue for community events. This project provided reliable and sustainable energy for the center, reducing their energy costs and improving their bottom line.

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How expensive are commercial solar panels ?

Commercial solar panels are more expensive than residential solar panels because they’re larger and usually more panels are needed. The average commercial solar cost is about $2.00 per watt. Before any solar rebates and incentives go into effect, a commercial customer can expect to pay an average of $200,000.

How many watts is a commercial solar panel system ?

commercial solar panel system is around 100 kilowatts (kW) and will produce about 136,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year. Every commercial installation is different. Some contain more or less than 100 kW, so it’s best to speak with a solar specialist to determine how many watts you need. 

How long does a commercial solar installation take?

The length of time it requires to install commercial solar panels is between a week and a couple months, but it completely depends on the size of your project. Large warehouses or parking lot projects will require more time than a small brick-and-mortar boutique. There’s also various cabling and mounting infrastructure to consider for your specific installation process. 

How does commercial solar work ?

Commercial solar works in the same way that residential solar works, except sizing, equipment and watts needed will differ. A shipping warehouse and a small boutique are technically both commercial businesses, but a warehouse will require more panels to sustain its energy needs.

What is the difference between commercial and residential panels ?

A commercial solar panel system typically has 96 solar cells that are 78” by 39”, while a residential solar panel system typically has 72 solar cells that are 65” by 39”. Businesses rarely want residential solar panels, but homeowners sometimes want commercial panels if they prefer the size and fit of them on their property.

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